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February 2015: Capturing Compelling Stories
• Examples of Compelling Stories & Finance
• Meeting Storytellers
• Maintain a balanced objectivity
• Writing down your story

100 Projects: The Best of 3 Years of Partner Field Projects

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Developing Nation Student Enrollment Form
$50.00 Scholarship Discount

Thank you for enrolling in an online course with CSDi. We are going to have an exciting time together.

This is the Enrollment form for citizens of a developing nation and live full time in a developing nation.

There are questions at the end of the form about scholarship eligibility. Check here if you need to see if your country is a developing country or a developed country.

This form is not a general form to determine if you are eligible for a sholarship. Please only fill in this form if you are paying for and enrolling in a course.

To qualify for the $50.00 scholarship you need to be a full-time resident and citizen of a developing nation. Please visit our Online Learning FAQ for full requirement details: 4. Developing Nation Scholarship Discounts. Our scholarship donors request strict accountability; if you do not qualify for a scholarship discount - please do not take a discount when you enroll. If you are unsure if you qualify, simply write us with your questions: Unfortunately, the Center does not provide full scholarships.

Fill this form out if you are from a developing nation and paying for and enrolling in a course. If your goal is simply to share your personal information contact us here instead.

Developed Nation Citizens: If you are a citizen or resident of a developed nation: Fill out this other form instead.

Please note: the SUBMIT BUTTON is at the bottom of this form that you scroll through as you fill in information. So if you don't see the submit button, please keep scrolling down in the questionnaire. There are 20 questions in total. The submit button is at the very end, immediately after the 20th question, just keep scrolling down inside of the questionnaire to find it.

This red line and everything below it are now the main web page. The Submit button is not here. It is just above the red line on the form that you just filled out that you can scroll up and down in. Make sure your cursor is inside of that form and please keep scrolling down inside of the questionnaire above: there are 20 questions in total. The submit button is at the very end, just after the 20th question and the directions about where it is on the form - just keep scrolling down to find it. It is inside of the questionnaire - just keep scrolling down.