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Passes to our most popular online course

CSDi is pleased to announce a new experience for us in distance-learning. As newsletter subscribers, we're giving you a chance to take our new 100% online course—How to Design & Fund International Development Projects for:

  • FREE if you are a citizen of and full time resident of a developing nation.
  • 1/2 PRICE ($49) if you are a citizen of—or live part time or full time in a developed nation.

To qualify you simply need to follow the rules just below. Plese read them carefully.

We actually combined two courses from the Center's course catalog in creating our new course:

  • 101: Designing and Funding International Development Projects and,
  • 102: Project Architecture additional

We've also included specialized course materials for:

  • OL 341 Community Based Adaptation 1

These are our flagship courses that we've been offering for close to five years now. Our development courses have been taken by people from 149 different countries and 500 organizations who have developed projects impacting over 360,000 people.

These courses if taken at the Center for Sustainable Development are fully facilitated—there is a live course facilitator who communicates with students on a weekly basis providing consultancy on their projects.

Video. This new online course is not facilitated and is designed to be taken at your own pace. However, that said, it is a completely revised and updated version of 101/341 and 102/342—and is completely backed up and supported with brand new videos.

What we provide. You get 100% of the materials that we provide with courses taken at the Center. These are in an easy to download format. You can modify and customize the templates we provide to reflect the context of your own course project.

There are no catches in signing up for this one time offer. We just want to get a bunch of folks signed up for this new course in the hopes that satisfied customers will spread the word.

Just so you can see what a good deal this is, if you are from a developed nation and signed up for 101/341 and 102/342 at CSDi the cost would be $150 + $150 = $300. So this $49 offer is a $251 savings over a facilitated course.

If you are from a developing nation and signed up for 101/341 and 102/342 at the Center the cost would be $100 + $100 = $200. So this free offer is a $200 savings over a facilitated course.

Our world class facilitated training program begins July 1. If you would prefer to take one of the Center's facilitated courses instead—they begin on July 1. The new videos are included there too. Simply click here.


1. Please do not write us with questions about this new 100% online course. Is designed to be very inexpensive so that we can get it into the hands of more people—but this does not generate the funds to provide staff for answering questions.

If for some odd reason you feel the need to write us about this new 100% online course—for any reason—you will be excluded from this offer.

2. People from developing nations need to read this scholarship page very carefully to see if you qualify.


You then need to fill out this form so that we can see that you are indeed a citizen of a developing nation living there full-time.


If you do not qualify please do not fill out the form. Please do not write us and ask if you meet/met the qualification—if you are thinking about writing, please see rule number 1 above.

After filling out the form and meeting our criteria we will send you the link for the free course first thing Tuesday morning.

3. This offer is only good for 72 hours. It will end (automatically) at midnight on Monday the 23rd of June. It is also limited to 100 free passes and 100 1/2 price passes. This cut off is an automated function at the site.

4. Please don't write us and tell us that you have a special circumstance and need to be excluded from one of the rules above. If you are thinking about writing us, please see rule number 1.

Sorry to sound firm but we simply do not have time to respond to questions for a non-facilitated, heavily discounted, 100% online course.

Be quick. We just launched the course on Wednesday. In the first three days 400 people enrolled.

To learn more about this course (all of your questions will be answered here!) click here.

To fill out the developing nation scholarship form click here.

To sign up for the course at half-price ($49) click here.

I very much look forward to seeing you join the course.


Tim Magee

Executive Director

Center for Sustainable Development

Tim Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation

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