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August Field Guide: Agricultural Soil and Water Management for Sloping Land

Field Guide: Agricultural Soil and Water Management for Sloping Land

Subsistence farmers suffer not only from depleted soils but from challenges with water: too little water, too much water, and erosion from water. This field guide looks at different ways of developing barriers on farm fields for stopping the flow of water so that it can percolate into the soil and build up soil moisture. The barriers also conserve soil by reducing loss from erosion. Organize a three-hour workshop with 12 to 15 farmers from your community.

This field guide includes detailed descriptions and illustrations of each of the following barriers to water movement, and a workshop lesson plan for leading a workshop on these techniques with smallholder farmers. Download the field guide here.

Barriers to water movement:
  • Contour ridges
  • Soil bunds
  • Hedgerows
  • Vetiver grass strips

Tim Magee
Executive Director

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