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Final Call—CSDi Online Spring Academy—Adaptation to Climate Change & DRR Diplomas

Join us next week for an intensive series of courses with other students from all over the world. If you are returning student, take a course that you haven't taken before.

Upcoming Online Development Courses: May 1, 2012


STEP 1. Enroll in the first course of this series: OL 341.
These four courses are taken in sequence prior to enrolling in elective courses.

341 Community Based Adaptation 1: Gain an insight into contemporary methods of developing community based, sustainable, impact-oriented projects. Gain practical field tools and develop a range of skills: facilitating participatory needs assessments and DRR assessments, designing projects, and evidence-based activities. Develop a real project in real time.

342 Community Based Adaptation: Planning for Impact. Imbed impact into your adaptation project design with a powerful set of management tools. Log frames, detailed budgets, timelines, compelling fact sheets, M&E plans, outcomes and impact. These tools will communicate to donors and stakeholders exactly what you are trying to accomplish and can be used for effective management of the project once funded.

343 Community Based Adaptation 3: The Community Focus. What does climate change adaptation mean at the community level? What practical tools are available today for communities to use in adaptation and in DRR? Conduct a baseline survey including climate vulnerability, risk assessment, an adaptation capacity analysis, and gain an understanding of local knowledge of a changing climate and of coping strategies. For practitioners who wish to begin working now at the community level to successfully adapt to the challenges that face us.

344 Community Based Adaptation 4: Sustainable Implementation. How do you launch and implement a community based adaptation/DRR project? The importance of community engagement and project co-management. Developing skill sets for your community to use in the adaptation process. Learning tools: monitoring & evaluation. Community empowerment during project hand-over. Sustainability, follow-up & mentoring

Elective Courses. Enroll in four of these elective courses.
After successful completion of the four prerequisite courses above, you will be invited to enroll in elective courses. There is a reason why there are prerequisites. Please don't ask for an exemption from the prerequisites.

OL 303. Food Security, Nutrition, and Home Gardens 1
OL 304. Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens 2
OL 224. Participatory M&E
OL 345. Community Based Disaster Risk Assessment, Preparedness and Management
OL 346. Small Island Developing States and Climate Change
OL 326. Developing Livelihood Resilience in your CBA project
OL 332. Water Conservation and Management in your CBA project
OL 333. Improved, Integrated Agricultural Practices for your CBA project
OL 334. Incorporating REDD+ and Forest Stewardship into your CBA project
OL 202. Impact Analysis

Find out more about this Online Diploma Course.

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Learn how to develop a community centered, impact oriented project.

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